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The Hope Needs You

Recap and Celebration of our 1st Allyship, Advocacy & Taking Action Event “The hope needs you.”  Those are the moving words that helped bring to conclusion the first in ARA’s five-part Allyship, Advocacy & Taking Action series produced in partnership with Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE), Chicago Tech Academy and  i.c.stars. Shared by our moderator and President of i.c.stars—the brilliant, untiring Sandee Kastrul—these words were once written and sent… Read More »The Hope Needs You


August 19th This first installment in the ARA-produced series Allyship, Advocacy and Taking Action, “The Roadmap,” examined the progress of the social justice movement since the killing of George Floyd. The goal was to understand where the movement is and where it is heading in order to create a roadmap for enduring allyship, advocacy and action. Below were our featured speakers and event sponsors for this discussion. We invite you… Read More »PART 1: THE ROADMAP

Virtual Series: ARA Allyship, Advocacy and Taking Action

In 2020, ARA produced a five-part series titled “Allyship, Advocacy and Taking Action” in partnership with three visionary organizations: Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE), Chicago Tech Academy and i.c.stars. This series was designed to support several important goals: Helping ARA members learn how to become better allies to marginalized and disenfranchised colleagues and neighbors Identifying ways to leverage ARA’s mission of mentorship and taking action with the intention… Read More »Virtual Series: ARA Allyship, Advocacy and Taking Action

Are Your Key Habits and Behaviors Holding You Back: Event Recap

Nail biting. Skipping breakfast. Not getting enough sleep.  We all have our own habits – good and bad. But what if some of your work-related habits are holding you back from advancing in your career? As part of our “Inspiration to Thrive, Not Just Survive” virtual series, Teresa Carroll, president of Oasis and staffing industry thought leader, spoke about the 12 most common behaviors that are holding women back in… Read More »Are Your Key Habits and Behaviors Holding You Back: Event Recap

Allyship In Action: Event Recap

  To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement for many. While every corner of the world is being affected by COVID-19, Americans are facing another pandemic. It’s one that plagued us for hundreds of years and continues to disproportionately affect marginalized groups: racism and racial injustice. The concept of a pandemic, coupled with national unrest happening at the same time, is unprecedented, and was… Read More »Allyship In Action: Event Recap

Allyship in Action

Never has the nation felt the need for change quite like now. This event included real conversation about racial injustice and what we can do to increase empathy, deepen our understanding, and take action. Event Details

Virtual Series: Inspiration to THRIVE Not Just SURVIVE

Though we can’t get together in person, we are committed to supporting the ARA community through COVID-19 and beyond, by bringing everyone together and providing educational and timely content. That’s why we will be hosting a virtual webinar series titled “Inspiration to Thrive, Not Just Survive.” In this series, we will be diving into topics that matter right now and into the future. Expected to be interactive discussions attended by the… Read More »Virtual Series: Inspiration to THRIVE Not Just SURVIVE

Level Up Your Future

Worried about what’s NEXT?  Get yourself ready by attending Level Up Your Future!  Experts who have successfully navigated innovation and change will share how to stay relevant, what to watch for, and where YOU can redefine NEXT as innovation impacts YOUR company & YOUR industry!   Event Details

ChiWitCon 2019

ARA hosted a fireside chat during ChiWitCon which sold out this year. The event was full of amazing speakers, panels and networking. Event Details