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Lightning Strikes & Five Lessons Learned from NYC Tech Leaders: Takeaways from our Examination of C-Suite Collaboration

July may be the month for fireworks, but this year it was one of lightning strikes and lessons learned for the ARA New York community. On July 14, members and guests came together to hear a highly accomplished group of c-level executives explore the shifting digital landscape at an event we titled “When Lightning Strikes: Conversations with Industry Powerhouses.” Why “lightning strikes?” Because, through a series of lightning-round interviews with… Read More »Lightning Strikes & Five Lessons Learned from NYC Tech Leaders: Takeaways from our Examination of C-Suite Collaboration

Celebrating Women in Innovation

With a power packed panel, incredible networking and over 500 attendees this event was a remarkable representation of women in technology, business and industry. Event Details

Embrace Difference, Eliminate Biases and Build Community

Together with sponsor McDonald’sand host Google, we explore Diversity of Thought, the “more-than-one-way” philosophy, an evening of important conversations with executives ready to share take-action steps for you to break these barriers of bias and impact real change across all facets of your life. Event Details

Chicago’s “Techmaker” Movement

ARA Chicago + JLL partnered up to hear what women and men across the nation shared about Overcoming Obstacles & Unlocking Potential via results from the Harvey Nash and ARA 2017 Women in Tech Survey. Event Details

Chicago Women in Tech Conference

ARA partnered with Enovo to bring a powerful talk to the event and show support of a growing number of women in technology fields. Event Details

2017 Celebrating Women in Innovation

ARA, WBDC and Chicago Innovation combine with sponsor WinTrust in the financial district, doubling the speakers due to overwhelming demand at the event in attendance. Event Details

SIM Women in Leadership

ARA and many women in technology leadership came together to share advice, expertise and motivation with each other at the SIM event at McCormick Place in Chicago. Event Details

Journey In Progress

Chicago Trading company hosted and sponsored an evening of lightning talks from industry leaders who shared insights  The word AND has never been more important. As organizations work to innovate and impact, building programs to address both diversity AND inclusion is a game-changing strategy. Event Details

The Journey Towards Diversity and Inclusion: A Few Lessons Learned

Are you in or are you out? Never in my lifetime has this question been more top of mind than in the social and political climate we face today in our country. I have reflected on the idea of inclusion more in the last year than ever before—as a parent, a leader, a human being. As a parent, I focus on teaching my children to be kind, share, and always include… Read More »The Journey Towards Diversity and Inclusion: A Few Lessons Learned

Celebrating 2016 Innovation with a Look Ahead!

Inspiring stories of resiliency from well-known Chicago entrepreneurs with celebration of incredible achievements of 2016 led to learning what’s to come in 2017! ARA, Harvey Nash, Uptake and the Chicago Innovation Awards led a night with a powerful keynote and engaging lightning-talks. Event Details