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We celebrated and honored women pioneering their industries. The evening, hosted by Leafly, kicked off with a review of the key findings from the 2019 Harvey Nash and ARA Women in Tech Survey. We met three LEADing women from the sports, venture capital and cannabis industries as they each present a unique perspective during a 10-minute lightning talk followed by a moderated, group Q&A.  Event Details

How We built this!

ARA Seattle combined forces with Textio to explore the gender balance in ultra successful companies. Event Details

Diversity of Thought

Geo-caching host a talk on the “more-than-one-way” philosophy is gaining momentum as companies realize that people from multiple generations and diverse cultural and educational backgrounds can work together and leverage their different experiences. Event Details

Women in Tech: Overcoming Obstacles

ARA, Harvey Nash and our host Avvo met with an incredible group of influencers and leaders across industries and discuss the findings of the Harvey Nash and ARA 2017 Women in Tech Survey. Event Details

International Women’s Day & Innovation

An evening full of inspiring stories from well-known Seattle entrepreneurs as we celebrate the power of resiliency! ARA, Harvey Nash and Amazon met with an incredible group of influencers and leaders across industries who reflected on their stories of resilience and what it means to succeed. Event Details

Trailblazing Women in Seattle’s Business and Tech Communities

While there is no one size fits all methodology or a specific road map for success when it comes to building a business or establishing a successful career path, there is something incredible that happens when entrepreneurs come together to share advice, fears, failures and successes – it’s called empowerment. Event Details

Conversations with Women in the Mobile Movement

Mobile has revolutionized the way we do business. It’s no surprise that women all around the world – and Seattle! – are launching mobile startups and are fearlessly leading the industry with innovation and insight. Event Details

Women in Technology: The Male Perspective

An all male panel at an ARA event? That’s right. We believe the conversation about advancing women in technology is not one that should be had in isolation, especially when organizations large and small are feeling the effect of talent shortages. Our goal is to strengthen the position of women in tech, including those who attend our events, by presenting opportunities to hear varying perspectives. Event Details

Women in Business & Tech: Celebrating Breakthroughs

The night will feature one-on-one conversations with three prominent women in the Seattle market, including special guest speaker and moderator, Dana Shaw, who was recently announced as a Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and is a member of ARA’s Advisory Board and the President & COO of ICon. With time for questions and candid dialogue throughout, take this opportunity to learn from innovators and leaders in our space – and… Read More »Women in Business & Tech: Celebrating Breakthroughs